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Post by ToaZahrok on Fri Mar 22, 2013 7:46 pm

Here on the LEGO Space Wiki, we believe that our site must be spam-free in order to maintain our reputation. To ensure that happens, we have a team of staff to help revert all vandalisim and remove all spam.

The Wiki's staff team

  • ToaZahrok
  • Fastcar900
  • Guurahk204
  • Keplers
  • Harold89
  • Venomari Helper
  • Brick963

Global Moderators
Moderate all forums

Forum Moderators
Moderate their forum(s) of choice

Former LSW Staff
Retired Staff of the LEGO Space Wiki

  • Stormbringer Empire791
  • Reminal
LEGO Space Wiki Founder
LEGO Space Wiki Founder

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