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Forum Rules

Post by ToaZahrok on Fri Mar 22, 2013 7:55 pm

This is the list of rules that apply to the LEGO Space Wiki Forums.

*Don't post pointless/spam topics. They will be locked or deleted and you can get warned or banned.
*Don't activate a spambot. It and its posts will be deleted.
*Don't post links to off-topic sites.

*Don't flame, curse, or say anything inappropriate.
*Don't post any inappropriate images

*Put topics in their proper forum
*Don't make a topic that is exactly like an existing one
*Bumping topics is allowed, but only for good reason
*Always stay on topic
*Double posting is allowed provided thew second post gives different information. The edit button is your friend.

*Don't post anything inappropriate in your avatar, signature or profile
*Don't make an oversized signature. It will be removed

Other Guidelines
*Try to keep all posts clean and kind.
*Don't link to other forum sites without the permission on an administrator
*Admins can view a person's email address. However, we will not use it to spam or send any messages unless urgent.
*Obey the moderators and administrators

Please follow these rules, or you may be warned or banned. Banning time will depend on the offense.
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