Ice Planet:- Coldest Jail in the Universe

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Ice Planet:- Coldest Jail in the Universe

Post by Venomari Helper on Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:33 pm

The current RPG is set on Krysto, the planet from Ice Planet 2002.

In the year 2512, Brick Daddy pulled his biggest crime yet, blowing up an inhabited planet. On that day, over 11 million beings of many different species died. This was a wake-up call for the universe's law enforcement. At a police summit held at the Space Police planet, hundreds of races talked about the future of the universe. One of the loudest beings was a  alien named Tarduk. He devised many schemes and plans to unite the universe's police forces into one, the United Alliance, and crack down on criminals. Eventually, Tarduk would become the ruler of the universe, which he ruled without mercy.

The miners on Krypto had left several centuries ago, but the buildings were still there. It was ideal for holding the enemies of the Alliance. The dominant gangs, Blacktron, Space Biker Gang and the Insectoids were sent there, but also countless beings of different species arrested for speaking up against Tarduk. When they were all there, the Alliance Spacemen packed up and left.

Or so everyone thought. The criminals might have been corrupt, but so was the government. They had bought several criminals that resided on Krypto to be their secret insiders. These people were given weapons, food growing units, and personal droids. The Alliance didn't predict what happened next. Their insiders betrayed them. For a price, they sold resources to other criminals. Everyone escaped from the prison, and formed gangs inside other buildings on the planet. After a while, three gangs overtook all the other criminals. They are the Ice Bikers, Blacktron III and the Arctic Aliens.

This is where you come in. You are the escaped criminals. You have to decide what gang you will join, or if you will go solo. Good luck in the new RPG- Ice Planet: Coldest Jail in the Universe.

Everyone starts with a Snow Scooter as their transport.
Other Ice Planet 2002 vehicles will be available as you complete quests.
Everyone starts with a Ice Planet Jumpsuit as their clothing.
More clothing will be available as you complete quests.

- Name
Choose your own name. Make sure it sounds suitable though.

- Age
Every species ages differently. Remember, you needed to be involved in crime before Ice Planet, so make it at least 20 years.

The map will be up once the RPG officially starts!

Have Fun! Smile


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